b. 1986, HK.

image by  Stephanie Bassos

I'm a journalist, editor, and print consultant based in Chicago.
I write about shelter, travel, gear, and oddball characters. I publish a weekly newsletter on these topics, which you can check out in the site’s top right corner over yonder.

After graduating from the Missouri School of Journalism, I got my start as a hard-news reporter at the Commercial Dispatch in Columbus, Mississippi and then covered politics for the Kansas City Star before moving to Chicago to write for magazines.

In 2013, I co-founded The Collective Quarterly, a print magazine that profiled one location per issue. We took a deeper approach to travel journalism by embedding in communities around North America and chronicling their struggles and triumphs. Building on the magazine’s success, my partners and I started Charcoal, a photobook-of-the-month club and publisher of magazines, books, and other printed matter. I turned the page on these projects in 2018 and returned to freelance journalism and copywriting.

With 12 years of experience as a professional writer and editor who has ghostwritten for C-suite executives, I'm comfortable tackling both editorial and commercial projects.